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Best Custom Cakes Made From Famous Singaporean Flavor By Premium Cake Shop

Rich & Dark Chocolate Cake, Baked With Famous Singaporean Flavor That Can Blow You Birthday Away!

What kind of birthday party if there is no cakes around? A birthday party can only be a party when the birthday cake has arrived. Without birthday cakes, we cannot actually celebrate. Even in other celebration like anniversary or Christmas, cakes are essential. Everybody loves cakes.

Custom Birthday Cakes

There are widespread types of cakes available. Most cake shops can understand your thirst of taste, so they keep themselves open about flavors. You can pick from chocolate, vanilla or durian cakes. Among Singaporean, durian cakes are the most popular in most birthday parties!

Why Durian Cakes Are Best-Sellers In Singapore

Singapore is widespread known for its unique durian that produces an amazingly taste cakes and pastries. Durian is a kind of fruit that contains creamy pulp and widely used for its flavor.

Although it has a bitter smell, durian’s flavor can add some tasty gust into a piece of cake. A traditional Singaporean birthday party cannot be completed without the durian birthday cakes. As Singapore is famous for such kind of delicious cakes, we can find a lot of durian cake shop in Singapore. Here in this article, you’ll find all those basic information you should know about the best durian cake in Singapore in order to grab the best one for your special occasion.

There are different flavor and types of durian cake available in the cake shop in Singapore. They are the expert cake-makers that they can pack your all needs. Some of the excellent durian cake lists and cake shop names are mentioned below:

1. Temptations Cake Shop
This famous cake shop in Singapore has been voted the Top 10 Cake Shop for Durian Cakes that everybody loves! Foodies eat this cake and enjoy each and every bite of it. You can order your desired durian cake online and have it delivered to your home doorstep.

2. “Cat and the Fiddle”
This is the one of the top cake shop in Singapore that sell quality cheese cakes. Their special editions are Oreo Cookies & Cream and Classic New York Cheesecake. Another preferable option from where you can pick cakes for your special party like birthday, anniversary or reception. ‘Cat and the Fiddle’ also sell customised cake for birthday made from special durian cream cheese.

3. Healthy Durian Cakes from Creatures
Delicious desert like cake and pastry usually contains a lot of unhealthy ingredients. You could earn a massive amount of calories and fat by eating cakes. But the craving for those delicious deserts won’t be stopped. So Creatures brings you some special durian cakes that are healthy and lack of fat-producing elements. You can enjoy every bit of their extraordinary cakes and pastries without being so worried about your weight gain.

Durian Cake

4. D24 Mousse Durian Cake
D24 Mousse is the best seller durian cake in Singapore. Since 2013 this popular cake flavor remains the king of all durian cakes. At the festive season, producer ‘Cake Inspiration’ becomes so much busy that ordering them can be a little bit difficult. Undoubtedly it is the best durian cake in Singapore. For the unique taste, D24 Mousse still seizes their first position in Singapore cake industry according to sell.

So Creatures brings you some special durian cakes that are healthy and lack of fat-producing elements. You can enjoy every bit of their extraordinary cakes and pastries without being so worried about your weight gain.

5. White Spatula
White Spatula is the recent growing cake shop in Singapore. Within a petty time from their launching they are able to win the customer’s heart by providing the best quality and freshly baked cakes and pastries. White Spatula is becoming popular for its black forests. They have one of the best chocolate cakes in Singapore. They also produce some unique durian cakes that are mainly their pride as a native durian producer. With different flavor and decoration, White Spatula makes durian cakes more exceptional that taste extraordinary.

Except the shops mentioned above, you also find thousands of tempting cake shop in Singapore. As a Singaporean, you don’t need to crave for a nearly located cake shop. There are plenty of good cake shops in this country.

Even if cannot make it your own, then just grab your phone and call them. The super responsive cake-making shops will provide you with the best quality cakes with a unique home delivery service upon your order. Make your parties more delightful now with the utmost outstanding and delicious cakes around the globe.